Il giro dell’Orizzonte

Today we do the Orizzonte ride for the second time.

Probably one the most beautiful rides I have ever done.
The Giro dell’Orizzonte passes through a military path dating back over 100 years from the First World War.
It connects the Bruffione Pass to the Val Marza Pass. All at an altitude of 2000 meters.
Completely passable for regular MTB and E-bike MTB mainly flows, except in some points descending from Passo Brealone where the rock surface is sometimes bumpy.
This super trail offers not only maximum fun, but also an extraordinary panorama.
The Adamello massif to the north, Tremalzo and Monte Baldo to the east, the solitary mountains of Passo Croce Domini to the west and Lake Idro to the south.
It is a hard climb from 350 mt. to 2250 mt. It takes about 4 hours of bike climbing and 40 minutes more of walking.

Some pieces of this trial are too bumpy to bike.

We left Storo with a temperature of 30 degrees, and we got to the top with a very pleasant temperature of 20 degrees.
The route proceed up and down for 13 km all on the top of the mountains never lower than 2100 mt.
We enjoy a breath-taking view and the silence of the mountains which is sometime interrupted by the pleasant sound of a cowbell.
After almost 6 hours biking, we start descending and in a bit more than one hour we are down where we started.
Wow! What an adventure.