Strada della Forra

The amazing Strada della Forra

It has been closed for almost two years for safety reasons.
This road goes up from the Gardesana between Campione and Limone to Tremosine.
Lot of pieces of rock were falling on the street from the mountains, creating very dangerous situations for all people on the road.
All mountains’ faces have been provided with massive iron nets that should prevent any rock fall.

On the 26th May 2022 the Strada della Forra was reopened

Of course, I wanted to be among the first to admire this wonderful piece of nature.
It is a bit of a climb getting up to Tremosine but surely not the most difficult climb I have done.
Many years ago, I drove on this street numerous times with my motorbike.
I must say that going on it on my bike was quite a fabulous new experience.
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